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YourTradingEdge magazine, Mar/Apr 2007
Tradecision is offering a plethora of charting and strategy testing options. Its customisation and charting functionalities are among the most straightforward I have used. Tradecision’s major selling point is its incorporation of neural network models and genetic algorithms. These two technologies are still in their infancy and Tradecision offers traders the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of technical development.

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The Trader's Journal, Jan 2007
Tradecision v3.0 is the Swiss Army knife of point-and-click trading system development software for trading stocks, futures and forex markets. It sports a clean, spacious charting area and oodles of tools, pre-coded functions, indicators and strategies.

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TRADERS' Magazine, July 2006
Tradecision shines with an intelligently designed user interface, easy operation, and very interesting studies and analysis methods. In all, Tradecision is a convincing product with a very good price to performance ratio. TRADERS' Magazine, July 2006.

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"For starters, it's a neat package. It includes artificial intelligence and Elliott wave functions as part of the basic package. Tradecision is offering members of the CSTA a discounted price for their software."

Jeff Parent, Director

Australian Technical Analysts Association
Tradecision is featured in the ATAA Software and Data Vendor Survey, 2006 edition. This comprehensive comparison of trading software and data vendors is free for members and available for purchase by non-members. The ATAA members and affiliates 16% discount on Tradecision
"I will continue to recommend Tradecision to other fund managers and their traders. We will be running an advertisement featuring Tradecision compatibility very soon.
I do appreciate your attention and the timeliness of your response."
Norman Fuchs, Jurik Research Software

A daily touchstone for active traders seeking an edge over other market participants.
"Overall, the "mechanics" of the program is clear and user-friendly; charts are really neat & colorful which is, probably, what I like about this software the most... My experience with this product is so far so good: good backtesting engine, customized language, relatively quick performance."

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Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, June 2005
"It's a complete analysis package with a number of interesting features and a user interface that is extremely easy to use. It is a package that's offered at a highly competitive price with two key features: neural network capability and free end-of-day (EOD) data".
Dennis D. Peterson

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Tradecision is a professional trading software for charting, technical analysis and trading systems design. This package combines standard technical analysis tools with neural networks and other artificial intelligence methods. It also features formula language, strategy simulation and WizardsEverywhere to help develop trading strategies.

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"Tradecision offers a truly impressive array of market analysis, system development and testing, and trading tools. There is stuff here I've never seen anywhere else!"

John Forman, Author - The Essentials of Trading,
Managing Analyst and Chief Trader for Anduril Analytics
"The powerful Neural Networks engine and its ease of use is truly unique to Tradecision. They have taken a very simple approach to the complex world of AI, and have done it very well. Having been an active discretionary trader for years as well as a Commodities Trading Advisor specializing in the popular eMini Futures and Forex Market, I found this program to be an excellent addition to my trading arsenal."

Jim Harrison, CTA
"I am a day trader and I have very specific needs for how I use intraday data. I would like to congratulate your company on creating such a thoroughly developed, feature-rich, but easy- to- use product. I am especially impressed with your analytical study, Ingenious MA that seems to filter price very closely and gives very little lag. The user guides are well-written and I look forward to further experimenting with the neural networks (right now, I just seem to be building random trade generators)."
Lee Leibfarth
"Tradecision provides a powerful and user-friendly trading platform for serious traders. Tradecision's technical analysis tools and artifical intelligence provide a key element in trading success: rule-based trading.

Tradecision offers an edge for traders by providing advanced charting tools, automated money management rules, and strategy-based trading. I highly recommend it for intraday traders like myself who rely purely on trading setups with strict rules."

James "the Soultrader" Lee,
Trader & Founder of Traders Laboratory
Tradecision provides a series of tools to help the investor make trading decisions or create his own system. Level: advanced / expert. Type: Decision-making, Basic Strategy Development, Full System Development.

Market Technicians Association, Inc., the national organization of market analysis professionals in the United States
In the September 2006 issue of the monthly newsletter of the MTA (Technically Speaking), we published the "Understanding Neural Networks" article, adapted from “Developing Neural Models with Tradecision,” available at the Tradecision’s Neural Networks Guide. Besides, the MTA members and affiliates receive a 16% discount on Tradecision.

Michael Carr, CMT, Technically Speaking Newsletter Editor
Tradecision provides a progressive and well rounded package for traders. The user friendly software includes charting, technical analysis tools and trading system development capability. Along with classic technical indicators, Tradecision offers cutting edge artificial intelligence features, notably the neural networks engine.
Tradecision features an attractive price and it is a well-balanced offering for technical analysis, creation of proprietary trading systems and indicators, backtesting, optimization and money management. Trading systems can be created on the basis of either proprietary indicators or those available as built-in software tools for the created systems. A unique feature of the program is the ability to create trading systems using neural networks models.

Tradecision's tools are very well thought-out - an example of this can be the system's money management capabilities - the position size area is more like part of an advanced program; there is also a detailed built-in setting for stop-loss rules that allows instantly using them to test systems. Everything is relatively intuitive and user-friendly.
Tradecision includes the collection of practical features that can help you make better decisions, analyze markets, maximize profit, and develop your personal trading systems.